Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miami, FL: March 25-26th

Wednesday, March 25th:
  • Got up and headed to the airport for a 10 AM flight.
  • Arrived in Miami around 2, got to the hotel and checked in.
  • Hotel wasn't that great, but it was ok for a night.
  • Weather was wonderful so we met up with one of our vendors and headed to lunch.
  • After lunch we headed to a mall, I needed to get a new suit since we thought the CEO of our client was going to be there, which we didn't know.
  • Got back from the mall and went walking/running. Did a 6 min 1/2 mile.
  • Headed to bed after that.

Thursday, March 26th:

  • Got up early because we had to be on site at 8 AM.
  • On site at this really nice hospital. Seems like they are going to be a good site in this study.
  • We were on site all day until 3 PM. After that, we left and went to the airport.
  • Boarded the plane and say on the runway for an hour.
  • Finally got home at 11, took a cab home, and crawled into bed exhausted.

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