Monday, October 27, 2008

Hershey, PA: October 26, 2008

The family came in from Florida on Saturday morning and my "aunt" has been waiting 10 years to go to Hershey, being the chocoholic that she is. We got up and left around 10:30:
  • Arrived in Hershey and waited for an hour for the rest of the fam.
  • Went through the chocolate factory to see how the candy is made - they've done a lot with the area and its really cute.
  • Left there and went into the park. Lots of cute rides, lots of walking, rollercoasters, and QT with the family.
  • Nicholas is so adorable because he is starting to talk and wants to get into everything. He's such a doll and so much fun to be around!
  • We left the park after riding on the Kissing Tower around 7ish.
  • Stopped at Houlihans for dinner. Dinner was very tasty (Grilled Shrimp with greens, tomatos and beans), however the service sucked.
  • Left there and listened to the Phillies on the ride home. Soooo freakin awesome that they won!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Berlin, Germany: September 18-21st

Wednesday, September 17:
  • Flight to Frankfurt on the red-eye. Next morning we had a flight into Berlin.

Thursday, September 18:

  • Arrived in Berlin around 1:00 PM.
  • Checked into the hotel -, went to the room and took a nap for about an hour.
  • Met up with the team at 3:30 to review our slides. Worked on that until 7 when we got changed and went to dinner.
  • Dinner with our internal team and one of our vendors. It was a really nice time.
  • After dinner, another meeting to review slides.
  • Didn't get to bed until 12 and was exhausted.

Friday, September 19

  • Wakeup call at 6:15 AM. Very very tough to get out of bed.
  • Breakfast at 7:30 AM in the hotel.
  • Meeting all day. It was very tense and very very difficult to communicate. This was also the first time my CEO was at one of these meetings and saw how things went down.
  • At the end of the meeting, we had the whole team from our client and our team meet to try to establish the best way to handle getting things accomplished. This lasted until 6:45 when we needed to stop so we could go to dinner with the other team.
  • Got ready and went to dinner. I was so exhausted at this point, both mentally and physically. Dinner was ok, didn't really eat much because I wasn't in the mood.
  • Finished up dinner and my CEO wanted to call my boss. Bossman, CEO and I talked for about an hour (got lots of good compliments) and

Saturday, September 20

  • Another early morning. 7AM meeting meant me getting up at 5:45 with lack of sleep.
  • Meeting was tense again, until time for my presentation. It went well and my CEO helped with presenting. Meeting took a change for better at that point.
  • We met with the upper mgmt at the client, with our upper management and we made a plan that we need to deliver on. Means I'll be working straight through until October 1st. I think there will be a reward at the end of least I hope there is.

Sunday, September 21

  • Flight home. Long and I didn't sleep. And now I'm exhausted and time for bed...have an early morning meeting to attend.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Bronx, NY: Sept 6-7th

Saturday, September 7th:
  • Got up early and drove to NY. Best part about the drive was the gas for $3.22
  • Arrived around 11:30, picked up Silka.
  • Went to her mom's and read/watched TV for a while. Oh yea and played the pass out game :)
  • Got up and picked up Isis and Danielle. Headed to Riverdale Diner for lunch. Lots of girl talk.
  • Went to the Galleria in White Plains to shop. I think the only thing we bought was Dani got Cinnabon.
  • Oh Hanna. Headed back to Dani's and watched the Family Stone - such a cute movie!

Sunday, September 8th

  • Woke up and went for a 3 mile walk.
  • Came home, showered and got pretty!
  • Went to brunch at this awesome place! All you can drink Mimosa's, lots of delicious food! Soooooooo much fun. And of course we looked cute so its even better! Pictures to follow.
  • Came back to Momma Ruthie's, laid down for 20 minutes, then headed home.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: July 11-19th

Well ladies (and gents?), this was my first true vacation in 3 years. Yes you've read that right. I won't bore you with the daily details, but it was by far one of the best vacations I've ever had and we're making it a yearly tradition.

Background: My mom's familia rented a HUGE house on the beach. We all drove down on Friday/Saturday and had a wonderful time.


  • Family
  • Central Air
  • 7 bathrooms
  • Waking up at 10 AM, putting on my bathing suit and planting my ass on the beach all day
  • Staying up til 3, playing games and drinking with my family
  • Home cooked meals. Each night a different "team" cooked dinner. We ate like kings and enjoyed it every night
  • Girls only happy hour. Walking to the beach bar, coming back a little tipsy and entertaining the men folk
  • Having the cops called on us for playing beer pong too loud
  • Left Right Center - Best game ever.
  • Lots of pictures - photo session on the beach
  • Getting a tan
  • Going to WW while I was still on vacation
  • Turning off my work email on my phone the whole time I was away. Only checking said email twice a day, but only to read, not to respond.
  • Seeing the whole family sitting around and just observing everyone. It was truly awesome to sit and catch up and chat and rock on the deck. Just an amazing time all around.

It was by far one of the best weeks of my life and I can't wait til next year!!!! Pictures are on myspace.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bronx, NY: June 11-15th

Friday June 13th:
  • Steph and I left work early and headed to pick up my cousin Katie. We got on the road and got into NY around 6:45.
  • We picked up Silka and headed to her mom's house, but no one was home, so it was off to Isis's to get ready. We decided that we were just going to stay there that night because it would have been easier, especially with us drinking.
  • We headed to the train and were on our way to Moe's Cantina. Get there and find out the name changed. Met up with the girls (Isis's friends) and hung out for a while, ate, drank and played beer pong. Sucky music so we headed to another place.
  • A fun cab ride, passing through the gayborhood, we wound up at a place that wouldn't let us in, so we split up and left.
  • We tried to go to Splash (the gay club) for my sister, but it was a sausagefest so we wandered arond Manhattan and got on the train.
  • We got home around 3 and chatted until 4.

Saturday, June 14th:

  • We got up at 7:30 because we needed to hit up Leo's for haircuts.
  • Steph, Silka and I headed out and got there before anyone else. Leo is amazing. I mean amazing. She's got Jedi mind tricks...she convinced me to chop my hair off again and I did and I love it! She did a great cut on Steph too - left her length but put more body and layers into it.
  • After Leo's we headed back and had Perista's for breakfast...we all took naps after that and woke up and watched dirty dancing. Great movie!
  • Then we ordered pizza from Emilios..mmmmmmm.
  • From there we kinda hung around and then went to get ready to go out. We kept it casual and went to the Thirsty Turtle in White Plains.
  • OMG .50 you call its and a DJ! We had suchhhhhh a great time and danced a lot!
  • We left early because Steph wanted chicken (random) so we headed back to Isis's. Got in and hung out and talked for a while, then we went to bed.

Sunday, June 16th:

  • We had to get up early because we were going to a Christening that was tough getting up.
  • Drove back to Philly and talked about how much fun we had that weekend and how we can't wait to do it again!

Ocean City, NJ: June 6-8th

Friday June 6th:

  • We left work around 5:30 and headed down the shore to OC, NJ. This is a weekend that Steph and I do with Megan and her family and friends for the last 3 years.
  • We get to the hotel and check in and then headed over to the little reception thing with Arthur's parents.
  • While sitting there Jim called us to see where we were because he was on his way down. We told him we were heading to Atlantic City with Arthur's parents to pick him up and we'd be back in a half hour.
  • On the ride back, Jim calls us about 2938 times to see what he should do about the extra parking pass. It was $20 for the whole weekend or scramble around and find parking for free. He was being a twat because Megan spoke with Steph earlier in the day and it was supposed to be like $3 for the pass or $10 and we should split it.
  • So we got to the hotel and I paid the parking and we got the pass, parked and what not.
  • The stellar parents that they are never packed JJ a diaper bag. This poor kid just sat in a car ride and what not without having his diaper changed. Greeeeeeeeeeat. So Jim being the P.O.S. that he is doesn't make a move to run to the store, so Steph, Joann(Arthurs mom), Arthur and I all pile into the van and go get diapers.
  • Come back and Steph gave JJ a bath and put him to bed.
  • I cracked open my bottle and started enjoying my night. I need to keep reminding myself that I have no tolerance any more. I feel one drink - it goes right to my head. So we were all sitting around drinking and talking. Fun times.
  • After that Megan arrives and she's pissed. She's pissed because people are drinking and she's not a big drinker. Last time I checked my ID told me I was of legal age, and her name wasn't on my birth certificate.
  • Sooooooo she gets pissy and Steph, Jim, Arthur and I leave to head for our hotel room. I was so bombed at this point that we were all laughing. Before we get into the room, Arthur grabs me and kisses me. I was so shocked I pulled away and started laughing
  • We get back to the room and Steph is already in bed. Jim lays on the other bed then gets up and hops into bed with Steph. I wasn't tired (thank you alcohol sugar bugs) so Arthur and I were gonna go for a walk. I told Jim he better be back in his own bed by the time I got back. Oh yeah, and this is because Megan was so pissed she stayed in her mom's hotel room.
  • Soooooo Arthur and I go for a walk where he's holding my hand the whole time. We were talking a lot. He's made it very clear that he wants a shot to date me and how he thinks that I am everything he's ever looked for in a girl and that he thinks us together would be perfect. I am very hesitant to get involved for a whole bunch of reasons, and I've explained this to him numerous times. I told him that I didn't want to kiss him because I didn't want to lead him on in thinking that I was kissing him because I wanted to, but because the alcohol took the best of my horomones and he was there. He said it didn't matter and kissed me. My mind was telling me to stop, but my lips wouldn't listen. I told him he should have been a bad kisser and it would have been easier. So we sat outside by the beach, making out like teenagers, talking about all kinds of stuff.
  • We get back to the room and Jim is passed out. Dead weight won't move, which forces Arthur and us to have to share a bed. I was so tired that I didn't care, but before I fell asleep, my mind told me "He's gonna think more of this and in the morning it won't be a good thing".

Saturday, June 7th:

  • We wake up and I feel arms wrapped around me. Immediately my defenses go up. I rolled over and Arthur was staring at me.
  • We all get outta bed and I had a little chat with Arthur that I know that he thinks last night was great, but it was drunken and I don't see it happening again. He looked like someone let the air out of his balloon, but I told him that why yes he was a great kisser, it was a drunken mistake and I let my guard down and I don't want him to think of it as an advance or me agreeing to date him.
  • At this time everyone was starting to get up back at his hotel, so he left. Steph and I went for a run, and Jim and Megan proceeded to start their battle.
  • We got back from our run and got showered and went up to the rides. While there, Megan was a complete asshole and told us to leave her alone so we did and hung out with Arthur and his friends and family.
  • We left the rides, grabbed a slice of pizza and headed back to the pool for some sun. It was nice. Arthur and I had another conversation about how he thinks it would be great being together, and how I don't agree. Another 1.5 hours later and we were still hanging out getting a tan and still talking.
  • We had my aunt Weez's 50th suprise party that night, so Steph and I got ready and headed to her party. We were there until 10:30 and Arthur texted me that Megan and Jim were making rude comments about me being his "girlfriend" and kept asking what was going on between me and him, even though we've all told them that we are just friends.
  • We get back to the hotel and go over to their rooms. There was a lot of tension and whatnot. I decided not to drink - mainly because I was so stuffed from dinner I don't think I could have fit another thing in my mouth, so we hung out for a while and headed back to our hotel. Arthur walked us and kept telling us how pissed he was at Megan and Jim which got me really fired up and pissed off too. Ugh I really wanted to explode on her.

Sunday, June 8th:

  • We got up early, showered and packed up.
  • We decided to follow Arthur and his parents back to AC to drop him off to take the bus back to DC and hit the outlets down there.
  • It was a good time, until we ran into Megan and Jim. Jim and Steph had words that morning because Jim and Megan are getting along everyone should be happy.
  • We got some cool stuff at the outlets and had a great day. Went to my aunts for dinner and relaxing by her pool. Cooked a ton of great food and had a great time just relaxing.

After that trip Arthur and I decided to keep it cool and keep talking/hanging out when we can, and if I ever decided I wanted to date or date him I'd let him know. Steph and I also decided to take a few steps back from being with Megan and Jim. Our lives are wayyyyyy to intertwined and while that is sometimes a great thing, it seems to hurt us because we're too much involved.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bronx, NY: May 24th-25th

Saturday, May 24th:
  • Got up at 7 (not enough sleep!) and hit the road by 8 to get to Silka's.
  • Got to Silka's and we headed to her mom's house. Hung out there for all of 30 minutes then left to head to the game.
  • Took the train to the game and got to our seats :) I really truly love being a Yankee fan. Walking into the stadium feels like you're coming home, minus the feel up you get at the door ;)
  • Game was good - they won!!! Yeahhhhhh kiiiddddddddddddd. We stayed for the whole game to hear Frank Sinatra sing "New York, New York". I love it!
  • Took the train home then went to Kohl's. Disappointing. Silka and I tried on a whole bunch of stuff and i didn't like any of between sizing suckssssssssssssss.
  • So we left there and went to Burlington Coat Factory - tried on a whole bunch of other dresses and Silka found me the perfect one! OMG I love it and can't wait to wear it. Seriously its so cute (I'll post a pic once I find my camera....).
  • But getting it wasn't that easy. There was no price tag on it, so we had to get someone to do a price check. For 30 minutes. Ridiculous. Oh and they tried to put back my jewlery 6 times. Assholes. But I got the dress finally and I'm a happy girl.
  • Oh and we also got cute shoes from payless and flip flops. I heart BOGO.
  • We left there and went to pick Isis up and then headed back to her house. We ordered in Caridad and watched movies then passed out :)

Sunday, May 25th:

  • Got up and got moving. Her couch is so comfy but I miss my bed!
  • Jacob came home and we were talking with him and hanging out.
  • Ate leftovers (mmm rice and beans at 10:30 AM :) and then headed to Silka's to drop her off and I was on the road again.
  • Got home, napped and got up and got my ass moving :)

That's all for now :)

San Antonio, TX: May 22nd-23rd

Thursday, May 22nd:
  • I had to work in the office before my 3:30 flight, so while there all I did was run around and try to get stuff ready. I packed it up and headed to the airport.
  • Took my first flight to Houston...was next to a really cute guy that flirted with me when we were in line and I flirted back. Did a wedding ring check and there was none.
  • Get on the plane and find out he's the middle seat next to me so we both start laughing. Sit down and wait for everyone else to board the plane. Someone comes who is supposed to have the window seat and she is afraid to fly so doesn't want the window. Ok so her and I switch, cute guy stays in the middle.
  • Well she proceeds to talk our ears off all during boarding. Once on a plane I'm usually unconcious before takeoff so I was annoyed.
  • So I start reading this large document and she starts asking us both questions (rude but I'll go with it to hear more about cute guy). Find out his name is Scott. From New Mexico. Who is married (and now has his ring on...), and his wife is pregnant. Niiiiiiiiice. I turn my head, prop up the pillow against the window and nod off.
  • I slept for about an hour then got up and started filling out this paperwork that I need for meeting with this guy for work. Its all that Meyers-Briggs crap. Fun times.
  • Flight is landing and she hasn't shut up the whole time, but I let it go and couldn't wait to get off the damn flight.
  • Flight lands, truck it to the other side of the airport for my next flight. Find out after I'm boarded and sitting down that I get bumped to first class. I heart Continental and their Elite Access crap...even if I don't understand it! Shame the flight was only an hour.
  • Got into San Antonio and took a taxi to the hotel. Taxi driver was very nice and entertaining.
  • Check into hotel and find out that I have a king suite with a whirlpool tub! Yeahhhhhhh mannnnnnnnn. I'm a spoiled traveler.
  • I put my bags down, change into my running shoes and hit up the gym.
  • Came back and took a nice relaxing whirlpool bath then slept in a bed that felt like marshmellows.

Friday, May 23rd:

  • I had a 9:30 meeting so I got up and got ready.
  • Had breakfast at the hotel and took a taxi to the site.
  • Site is awesome! They are so on top of everything they need to do and the training was smooth sailing.
  • Left there and went to lunch with the one lady that I was there with and she dropped me at the airport.
  • Had 2 flights home...uneventful but long.
  • Came home and crashed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paris, France: May 13th-16th

Tuesday, May 13th:
  • Left for Paris - uneventful flight, Lunesta is my friend :)

Wednesday, May 14th:

  • Landed in Paris around 8 AM, took a cab to the hotel. Didn't get there until closer to 11 due to the one girl we were traveling with have us take a mini-van taxi for "just us", only to have someone else jump in with us and get dropped off first.
  • Hung out in our rooms until 2PM, showered and napped then met up with the group for lunch.
  • Went to a little cafe by the hotel and ate lunch. Very delicious apple pie!!!
  • Headed back to the hotel to relax and catch up on some emails until dinner time.
  • Went to the hotel for dinner because it was raining a lot. Had a wonderful glass of white wine.
  • Went to the gym, hit the elliptical for 20 minutes before they kicked us out.
  • Got back to my room and realized that I could see the Eiffel Tower from my hotel room and it was wonderful to fall asleep looking at that!

Thursday, May 15th:

  • All day meeting with our client.
  • Once that was over, we headed back to the hotel to change and then catch a cab to the Eiffel Tower.
  • Got to the Tower and hit up the crepe stand...mmmmm so delicious. I had a cheese only crepe, the other had a ham and cheese, and the other nutella and banana.
  • Went with 2 co-workers who had never been there before. We didn't get to climb up this time, but it was so awesome again just to go and explore.
  • Afterwards we climbed down and wandered around. We were walking to find St. Patrick's Catheral and never did, but we found a great little wine shop. I bought a bottle of wine for 50 Euros...I thought he said 15 and didn't realize until it was bought...but he did give me another bottle of white (approx 26 USD) and let me sample both which were delicious. These are definitely special occassion bottles.
  • We headed back towards the tower and I got another crepe...with Nutella and Banana and it was heavenly.
  • After that we headed back to the hotel...tried to hit up the gym but it was closed, so we walked around our hotel floor for an hour.
  • Got back into the room, did some work until 2 AM their time, then got some sleep.

Friday, May 16th:

  • Got up and dressed for the airport, hit up the breakfast, then into the cab for the airport.

Whirlwind trip, not a fan of the people I traveled with, but an all around enjoyable trip!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bronx, NYC: April 18-20th.

Friday, April 18th:
  • Left for NY around 5ish. Got there at 6:45. Traffic was a bit hellish but it was all good.
  • Picked up Silka from Paco's and then went to her house. We met Char there :) It was so good to finally see my girls after so long!
  • Got ready to go out and wore my new (smaller ;) jeans. We were looking like HOTNESS!!!
  • Went to Isis's house, picked her up and then it was off to the train.
  • Took the train to go to Sofritos. Got in and there was a 2 hour wait. Ummmm no, everyone was starting to look like chicken wings, and we all know what happens when I get hungry.
  • Went to Moe's ( and met up with Isis's girls for drinks and appetizers. Sooooooooo yummy and one drink = Kelli feeling tipsy.
  • We left Moe's and went to Iggy's....but it was so effin hot in there so we left.
  • Went to Hawaiian Tropic where Danielle got us in for free and upstairs for free too :)
  • After dancing our asses off for like 4 hours, we peaced out. Took a cab back to the house, went to bed at 4.

Saturday, April 19th:

  • After 4 hours of was time to get up and hit the gym.
  • Took 2 awesome classes at Silka's gym...and now we know a new hip-hop dance ;) It was so good to sweat.
  • Left there and went to Leo's for haircuts! I don't care what anyone says, it is so fucking worth it to drive the 2 hours to see her because my hair looks amazing everytime she cuts it. She's got lots of talent and I thank God everytime she cuts my hair!
  • Left Leo's and went to get showered. After we got showers we went to White Plains to shop....went into Tiffany's!!!!! It was so much fun to just wander around and shop and be relaxed.
  • Left the malls and Char left for home, so Silka and I stopped to see Papo, Barbara and Luli. OMG Baby Ray is so adorable and looks just like Papo and Barbara is looking great!!!

Sunday, April 20th.

  • Got up at 7:15. Dropped Silka off at Franks and went home for my Sunday beating :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Paris, France: April 5-8th

Saturday, April 5th:

  • Arrived at Philly Int'l. for our direct flight to Charles De Galle airport. My boss, a project manager and myself all packed up and ready to go.
  • Flight over was uneventful. Arrived at 7:30 AM Paris time.

Sunday, April 6th:

  • Checked into our hotel,
  • Took a little nap, got up and met at 12:00 to go explore.
  • Cabbed it to the Eiffel Tower. We walked up to the 2nd observation deck, 700 stairs up, 700 stairs down. Awesome workout and my thighs were burning. Plus lots of awesome pictures along the way.
  • Stopped at a crepe stand...sooo yummy :)
  • Walked along the Seine river. Awesome views and cool pictures.
  • We walked all the way to the Lourve. That was pretty amazing...saw lots of great art and the Mona Lisa.
  • Came back to our hotel around 5. Relaxed and read my book and did some crosswords.
  • Met the team for dinner at 6:30 in our hotel. Yummy dinner (and within the points), good bottle of red wine and a yummy Nutella dessert.
  • I think we walked about 6 miles today and did 1400 stairs, so workout will not commence today!

Monday, April 7th:

  • Got up at 7 AM and got ready for our meeting.
  • Met up with my team for breakfast in the hotel...not too bad.
  • Took a taxi to our clients and met with them until 4:30.
  • Came back to the hotel to de-brief...lasted until 7:00.
  • Went to the hotel bar for a drink before heading into town.
  • Got ready and took the subway, well their subway, into town for dinner.
  • Went to a yummy restaurant called Chez Flottes:
  • After that we went to walk to the train station. On our walk we rounded the corner and the Eiffel Tower was light up and sparkling. It was definitely a take my breath away moment.
  • Headed back to the hotel and crashed.

Tuesday, April 8th.

  • Travel day.
  • Got up and went to the airport and got on the plane.
  • Long plane ride but made it home ok!

Pictures located:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Delta, PA: Jan 26, 2008

Well is Sunday night and I'm back home :)

Saturday, Jan 26th:
  • Steph and I left house in the morning to spend the night at Char and Carl's new house.
  • We got there around 2:15...and OMG her house is amazing! Its part of my dream home and I couldn't be happier for those two - they totally deserve this!
  • We hung out and ate lots of yummy food...met a lot of the people again from the wedding. Good times all around :)
  • We waited til everyone left and then we played Wii and stuff but so much fun just hanging out with the bestests :)
  • We got up on Sunday - sat around and bullshitted, made breakfast and then geared up for the ride home!

Can't wait for lots more parties at the awesome house!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Los Angeles, CA: Jan 18-22, 2008

I'm cold.

Its Tuesday and I'm back in Philly.

Now I can finally post about this trip now that its over and the contained excitement has been let out!

Jan 18th: Friday
  • I left for my travels at 11:30 AM, with a flight to Chicago then onto LA. Flight to Chicago was just fine, got into Chi and waited I was boarding I looked behind me and saw a familiar looking guy.
  • He kept staring at me and here it was Syrus from the real world. Interesting.
  • Boarded the flight, sat next to a girl from Baltimore and talked a little. Got into LA on time.
  • Tenna picked me (suprise!!) up at the airport and we headed to pick up her sister.
  • Amber, Eric and Momma Razz met up with us at the Daily Grille for dinner! Sooooo yummy!
  • We left dinner and went to T's to hang out! Her house is totally adorable and we hung out and watched TV. Went to bed kinda early cause we had to get up soooo early.

Jan 19th: Saturday

  • Got up early (6:45!) and got ready to go to breakfast. Amber picked us up and we went to breakfast at Good Stuff Pretty yummy place.
  • From breakfast we went to get massages. My first massage ever and I'm addicted, seriously addicted!
  • From there we went to get mani's and pedi's. Soooo relaxing and so happy that we got to relax. We stopped to pick up snacks and then went to The Grove.
  • The Grove was awesome!!!! We went to the Farmer's Market for lunch/dinner/snacks! Very pretty and very entertaining place to be...lots to people watch.
  • Next up was 27 was super cute and such a girlie flick! I really feel like Katherine Hiegl in that movie...well at least in some parts.
  • From there we headed back to T's...watched 1 vs 100 and then How to look good naked. VERY good show and very inspiring.

Jan 20th: Sunday

  • Another early AM, this time for some kiddie fun! We were going to Disneyland!!!!
  • Got up and got ready and were at the park by 11 AM.
  • Once inside we hit the rides and wandered around. I think we went on almost every ride and had a great time. For some reason all we wanted to do was eat that day - so we did! Such a great time and I'm looking forward to another visit sometime!

Jan 21st: Monday

  • Flew back to Philly. Nothing exciting there!

Pics located on shutterfly!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Atlanta, GA: January 11-12, 1008

This trip was for work, an Investigator's Meeting for one of our clients.

Jan 11, 2008:
  • We had an 11:30 flight from Philly International to Atlanta-Hartsfield on US Airways. As much as some people complain (*knocks on wood*), I've never had a problem with flying them. Flight boarded on time, took off a little late, but still got us there by 2.
  • We had to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, Marriott Century City. We got there about 2:45 and met with our client to review our slides.
  • The meeting planner/travel arrangement maker for this was horrible. We were treated like the red-headed step children. Our hotel wasn't covered like everyone else's was (not a problem - we can expense, but typically at these meetings its all expenses included). Then my room wasn't what was requested - it was a full size bed, tiny room. Not bad, just not what they stated it would be.
  • We hit up the lounge for lunch - because this was not provided. After lunch we hung out in our rooms doing some afternoon work before our dinner meeting that night.
  • Met for dinner/cocktail hour at 7. Had 3 glasses of water during that time because I wasn't going to blow the great progress I made all week just for a glass of wine right then. Chatted with quite a few of the coordinators for the study and then dinner started.
  • Food wasn't that good or diet friendly.

Jan 12, 2008:

  • We had a 7 AM breakfast call. Sucked because I didn't sleep all night. Breakfast wasn't that spectacular.
  • Morning session of the meeting went from 7:30 until 12:30. Not too bad but the mtg planner didn't want to adjust the schedule, even though we were running an hour early!
  • Lunch was from 12 to 1:30 - was ok and a bit more diet friendly.
  • After lunch was my presentation - if I do say so myself - I knocked it out of the park. I was recorded and I just felt really good about my presentation. The A/V guy complimented me and told me I really didn't need to be mic'ed because I have a great speaking voice and he could hear me just fine!
  • We wrapped the meeting up at about 2:30 and finally headed for the airport at 3:15. We actually had car service this time.
  • Got to the airport and checked in - scored us some exit row seating and then went to grab something for dinner and use the rest of our points because it was going to be late when we got home. Went to TGIFridays and has bunless burgers - pretty good but since I'm not a big red meat eater and have been eating well all week - it reeked havoc on my tummy and I still feel full this morning.

All in all it was a great meeting, just wish it wasn't on a Saturday.

Trip Reports

It has dawned on me that I traveled a lot in the past few years, and really haven't recounted much or kept track of all the places I have been. So for 2008 and continuing forward, any trips I take I'm going to post here :)