Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miami, FL: March 25-26th

Wednesday, March 25th:
  • Got up and headed to the airport for a 10 AM flight.
  • Arrived in Miami around 2, got to the hotel and checked in.
  • Hotel wasn't that great, but it was ok for a night.
  • Weather was wonderful so we met up with one of our vendors and headed to lunch.
  • After lunch we headed to a mall, I needed to get a new suit since we thought the CEO of our client was going to be there, which we didn't know.
  • Got back from the mall and went walking/running. Did a 6 min 1/2 mile.
  • Headed to bed after that.

Thursday, March 26th:

  • Got up early because we had to be on site at 8 AM.
  • On site at this really nice hospital. Seems like they are going to be a good site in this study.
  • We were on site all day until 3 PM. After that, we left and went to the airport.
  • Boarded the plane and say on the runway for an hour.
  • Finally got home at 11, took a cab home, and crawled into bed exhausted.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Detroit, MI: Mar 8-9th, 2009

Sunday, March 8:
  • Flight to Detroit at 5:50, got to the airport and flew threw security....then realized I left my cell phone in the car.
  • I panicked - a day without my cell cannot happen so I found a payphone and called my mom to bring it back down to me.
  • Got on the flight, took off and then once we got to Detroit, we circled for 1.5 hours. I wanted to blow my brains out.
  • Finally landed and then headed to the hotel - Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance. Once we got to the hotel, we checked in and headed right to the bar for a drink and some food.

Monday, March 9:

  • Got up early, meeting at 8 AM.
  • Worked until 4 - headed to the airport, got on an earlier flight and got home 3 hours early.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Las Vegas, NV:Feb 26th-Mar 2nd

Thursday, February 26th:

  • 7:50 AM flight from Philly to Vegas, meant getting up at 4 am, getting dressed and to the airport by 6.

  • Excitement woke me up and I couldn't wait to get there. We got picked up by Cush and her dad and sister.

  • Got to the airport and met up with everyone...all 10 of us! Wooot wooooot!

  • Got checked in, through security and to the gate.

  • On the plane and was asleep before we even took off!

  • Got to Vegas at 11 AM, got our luggage and headed off to the hotel!

  • Checked into New York, New York, upgraded the room to a strip view (wooohoooo) and then headed to lunch at America.

  • We got done and then wandered around and headed out to the strip.

  • Walking down the strip, we went to the Glacier Bar for yards of yummy drinks! So delicious!

  • We headed back to the hotel around 5 and all decided to take a nap...that nap turned into 11:30 for all of us.

  • We got up and got ready to go out. We headed into Nine Irishmen and it wasn't that good, so we went to the Bar at Times Square. Had a good time there - couple of drinks, random convo with a cute stranger (who came back around 3 times), had them play we are the champions for the Phillies.

  • After we got tired of there, we headed over to Studio 54. BEST CALL!!! $10 cover, great music, cute boys, and lots of dancing. Met an Irish boy named Jerry (all we could think of was P.S. I love you) and a scottish guy who was a british fighter pilot (and I'm a heart surgeon there for a conference with my friend "Brianna"). Good convos and lots of drinks :)

  • Left there at 4 AM and headed to bed.

Friday, February 27th:

  • 5 people pounding on my door at 8AM. Lovely.

  • We got up, got dressed and headed to MGM for their buffet for breakfast. After we stuffed ourselves, we headed back onto the strip.

  • We went to Mile Mall (or something like that) and hit up Fat Tuesday's for yard margaritas :) Mmmmmm.

  • We kept walking down the strip and headed into a shady casino. I saw the Wheel of Fortune machine and sat down. It ate my $20 but I wasn't done, so we kept walking around.

  • Steph, Tom and I found another row of Wheel of Fortune and I put a $20 in for Steph to play. Well we kept hitting and getting spins, so we cashed out when we doubled the money and she put a $20 in for me to play...well I kept hitting and getting spins, so I cashed out when we were up $50. Well that wasn't good enough either. Cashed out and put another $20 in and hit for $180 - meanwhile Steph and Tom we're playing the machines around us and they kept hitting too.

  • When we left, Steph and I made back then money we spent drinking, eating and paying covers :) I was a happy girl. (Oh and free beers while you are gambling is great!)

  • We left there and started heading back to the hotel...we got distracted by the HUGE like 5 yard drinks. $35 so we got one. Filled with Long Island Iced Tea and the 3 of us decided to split it.

  • On the way back Steph wanted a corn dog, so we went into another shady casino. They had beer pong!

  • (Side bar - by this time, we were all feeling prettttty tipsy.)

  • So we got a beer pong table and Steph and Amy versus Tom and I. We were swasted. As Tom was shooting, I was holding the big boy drink he had strapped around him and sipping it. Ahhhh delicious.

  • We got coupons for B1G1 at Hawaiian Tropic, so Tom and I decided to convince them to go in for drinks. I was sooooo wasted at this point. And apparently my thumbs got drunk and kept texting the boy :)

  • We did the drunken stumble back to the hotel at that point where I fell asleep for about an hour...only to be woken up by a drunk Tom. We decided to wander down the halls of the hotel (in our PJs - which were Tshirt and panties/boxers), drinking a bottle of Sambucca. (ICK, but apparently every even door we did a shot)...

  • Hung out in the other hotel room with everyone and then decided it was naptime.

  • I woke up to a missed call and text from the boy and some of the girls. Good thing is I didn't have time to be hung over because I woke up and started drinking again :)

  • I got up and got a shower so we could head out for the night. Found a bunch of random bruises all over my body and tried not to slip and kill myself in the shower. I got done getting ready and called the boy back. He was like "you texted me like 239453 times - how drunk are you???" So we talked for a little while, laughed at how drunk I was and then I got up and got ready.

  • We headed to Coyote's ok and a must-do, but its a bit of sucky music. We danced on the bar and then decided we had enough. We headed back over to Studio 54, since we had such a good time there the night before. When some people found out the cover charge, they didn't want to pay, so Barb, Steph, Tom and I stayed and went.

  • We partied like rock stars again! It was so much fun - good music, good dancing (ran into the same Irish boy who didn't really remember me, but remembered "my accent"...) Found $20 on the floor :) Danced with a cute boy and left there at 5 AM again.

  • Headed to the restaurant in the hotel for some drunken munchies and more drinks and then headed to bed at 6AM.

Saturday, February 28th:

  • Happy Birthday Stephie!!!!!!

  • We got up around 9 AM and headed out again. Since most of us were hurting, we decided to just hang close to the hotel. We wandered around and headed to Hooters for free $100 play at the machines.

  • We headed back to the hotel around 2 to get ready for dinner.

  • We ordered a limo to take us to dinner. We all got pretty and met for a drink before we left :) The limo bus came and was awesome - it had a stripper pole and Kramer (the driver) played us kick ass music. For $10/person - it was well worth it.

  • We had a classy dinner at Maggiano's that was sooooooooo yummy.

  • On the ride home, Kramer sent his friend to pick us a STRETCH EXCURSION!!! OMG - it was amazing, it was lifted and tricked out!! Josh played us awesome music and the inside was so pimped out!!!

  • We got back to the hotel and decided to get tickets to go see Zumanity and take a quick nap. On the walk back, we got on the guest list at Rok and decided to go there that ngiht.

  • We got to the show at 10:30 and it was amazing. I've always wanted to see a Circ show and this was not a disappointment at all!

  • The show ended at 12 and we headed to Rok. Rok was pretty awesome - banging dancers (seriously if I was gay this girl was SMOKIN), and danced/drank a little.

  • My feet were seriously killing me at this point so I went up to the room to change my shoes...only to find out that my feet were so swollen none of my shoes fit me. I felt so effing hot (pictures to follow), but my feet were not having any more, so I decided to hang in and get some rest since we had to get up early.

Sunday, March 1st:

  • Got up at 8:30 since we had to leave the hotel by 11 and everyone wanted breakfast.

  • As we were packing, we found out that our flight was cancelled and to head to the airport to get on another flight.

  • We checked out and got to the airport. We realized that we weren't getting out at all due to mechanical troubles. Soooooooo we all got our wish to spend another night in Vegas. Good times.

  • We headed to our hotel (Ummm NYNY to Emerald Suites - such a reality check) and went to the nearest casino to hang out.

  • We hung out and did much of nothing the rest of the day...wasn't a bad hotel room, just a shady neighborhood on the wrong side of the strip...

  • We all went to bed early to get up early.

Monday, March 2nd:

  • Flight from Vegas to LA, then LA to Philly.

  • Nothing eventful, just tired and didn't get home until around 2 AM.

Pictures to follow...just waiting for everyone to upload them for me!