Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Detroit, MI: Mar 8-9th, 2009

Sunday, March 8:
  • Flight to Detroit at 5:50, got to the airport and flew threw security....then realized I left my cell phone in the car.
  • I panicked - a day without my cell cannot happen so I found a payphone and called my mom to bring it back down to me.
  • Got on the flight, took off and then once we got to Detroit, we circled for 1.5 hours. I wanted to blow my brains out.
  • Finally landed and then headed to the hotel - Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance. Once we got to the hotel, we checked in and headed right to the bar for a drink and some food.

Monday, March 9:

  • Got up early, meeting at 8 AM.
  • Worked until 4 - headed to the airport, got on an earlier flight and got home 3 hours early.

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