Sunday, January 27, 2008

Delta, PA: Jan 26, 2008

Well is Sunday night and I'm back home :)

Saturday, Jan 26th:
  • Steph and I left house in the morning to spend the night at Char and Carl's new house.
  • We got there around 2:15...and OMG her house is amazing! Its part of my dream home and I couldn't be happier for those two - they totally deserve this!
  • We hung out and ate lots of yummy food...met a lot of the people again from the wedding. Good times all around :)
  • We waited til everyone left and then we played Wii and stuff but so much fun just hanging out with the bestests :)
  • We got up on Sunday - sat around and bullshitted, made breakfast and then geared up for the ride home!

Can't wait for lots more parties at the awesome house!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Los Angeles, CA: Jan 18-22, 2008

I'm cold.

Its Tuesday and I'm back in Philly.

Now I can finally post about this trip now that its over and the contained excitement has been let out!

Jan 18th: Friday
  • I left for my travels at 11:30 AM, with a flight to Chicago then onto LA. Flight to Chicago was just fine, got into Chi and waited I was boarding I looked behind me and saw a familiar looking guy.
  • He kept staring at me and here it was Syrus from the real world. Interesting.
  • Boarded the flight, sat next to a girl from Baltimore and talked a little. Got into LA on time.
  • Tenna picked me (suprise!!) up at the airport and we headed to pick up her sister.
  • Amber, Eric and Momma Razz met up with us at the Daily Grille for dinner! Sooooo yummy!
  • We left dinner and went to T's to hang out! Her house is totally adorable and we hung out and watched TV. Went to bed kinda early cause we had to get up soooo early.

Jan 19th: Saturday

  • Got up early (6:45!) and got ready to go to breakfast. Amber picked us up and we went to breakfast at Good Stuff Pretty yummy place.
  • From breakfast we went to get massages. My first massage ever and I'm addicted, seriously addicted!
  • From there we went to get mani's and pedi's. Soooo relaxing and so happy that we got to relax. We stopped to pick up snacks and then went to The Grove.
  • The Grove was awesome!!!! We went to the Farmer's Market for lunch/dinner/snacks! Very pretty and very entertaining place to be...lots to people watch.
  • Next up was 27 was super cute and such a girlie flick! I really feel like Katherine Hiegl in that movie...well at least in some parts.
  • From there we headed back to T's...watched 1 vs 100 and then How to look good naked. VERY good show and very inspiring.

Jan 20th: Sunday

  • Another early AM, this time for some kiddie fun! We were going to Disneyland!!!!
  • Got up and got ready and were at the park by 11 AM.
  • Once inside we hit the rides and wandered around. I think we went on almost every ride and had a great time. For some reason all we wanted to do was eat that day - so we did! Such a great time and I'm looking forward to another visit sometime!

Jan 21st: Monday

  • Flew back to Philly. Nothing exciting there!

Pics located on shutterfly!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Atlanta, GA: January 11-12, 1008

This trip was for work, an Investigator's Meeting for one of our clients.

Jan 11, 2008:
  • We had an 11:30 flight from Philly International to Atlanta-Hartsfield on US Airways. As much as some people complain (*knocks on wood*), I've never had a problem with flying them. Flight boarded on time, took off a little late, but still got us there by 2.
  • We had to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, Marriott Century City. We got there about 2:45 and met with our client to review our slides.
  • The meeting planner/travel arrangement maker for this was horrible. We were treated like the red-headed step children. Our hotel wasn't covered like everyone else's was (not a problem - we can expense, but typically at these meetings its all expenses included). Then my room wasn't what was requested - it was a full size bed, tiny room. Not bad, just not what they stated it would be.
  • We hit up the lounge for lunch - because this was not provided. After lunch we hung out in our rooms doing some afternoon work before our dinner meeting that night.
  • Met for dinner/cocktail hour at 7. Had 3 glasses of water during that time because I wasn't going to blow the great progress I made all week just for a glass of wine right then. Chatted with quite a few of the coordinators for the study and then dinner started.
  • Food wasn't that good or diet friendly.

Jan 12, 2008:

  • We had a 7 AM breakfast call. Sucked because I didn't sleep all night. Breakfast wasn't that spectacular.
  • Morning session of the meeting went from 7:30 until 12:30. Not too bad but the mtg planner didn't want to adjust the schedule, even though we were running an hour early!
  • Lunch was from 12 to 1:30 - was ok and a bit more diet friendly.
  • After lunch was my presentation - if I do say so myself - I knocked it out of the park. I was recorded and I just felt really good about my presentation. The A/V guy complimented me and told me I really didn't need to be mic'ed because I have a great speaking voice and he could hear me just fine!
  • We wrapped the meeting up at about 2:30 and finally headed for the airport at 3:15. We actually had car service this time.
  • Got to the airport and checked in - scored us some exit row seating and then went to grab something for dinner and use the rest of our points because it was going to be late when we got home. Went to TGIFridays and has bunless burgers - pretty good but since I'm not a big red meat eater and have been eating well all week - it reeked havoc on my tummy and I still feel full this morning.

All in all it was a great meeting, just wish it wasn't on a Saturday.

Trip Reports

It has dawned on me that I traveled a lot in the past few years, and really haven't recounted much or kept track of all the places I have been. So for 2008 and continuing forward, any trips I take I'm going to post here :)