Sunday, January 27, 2008

Delta, PA: Jan 26, 2008

Well is Sunday night and I'm back home :)

Saturday, Jan 26th:
  • Steph and I left house in the morning to spend the night at Char and Carl's new house.
  • We got there around 2:15...and OMG her house is amazing! Its part of my dream home and I couldn't be happier for those two - they totally deserve this!
  • We hung out and ate lots of yummy food...met a lot of the people again from the wedding. Good times all around :)
  • We waited til everyone left and then we played Wii and stuff but so much fun just hanging out with the bestests :)
  • We got up on Sunday - sat around and bullshitted, made breakfast and then geared up for the ride home!

Can't wait for lots more parties at the awesome house!!!!


Angel said...

I'm sorry I missed Char's awesome home. :( I hope I catch everyone next time.

CharStar said...

aww thanks honey!! Thank you for coming!! It was really great to see you and catch up. Thanks for breakfast and spinach dip! YUM