Monday, October 12, 2009

Phoenix, AZ, October 9-11, 2009

Friday, October 9th:
  • While having breakfast in the airport, overheard some conversations that were nasty, including a guy telling his wife that she "looked good with something in her mouth". GAG
  • Flight was horrendous. Probably the worst flight in a while - screaming kid, full flight, etc.
  • When we got done the flight, I realized that I left my sister's very large and very expensive camera on the plane. Insert panic mode. I wound up running all throughout the airport, finally got back to the gate and got the camera. Whew.
  • After that it was off to the hotel (amazing hotel -, into the meeting. Meeting went good - got done and rested a little.
  • That night was a reception dinner. It was beautiful - outside by the pool, fire pit going, open bar, chocolate fountain. Very very veryyyyyy nice.
  • After dinner we headed down to the bar in the hotel. We all proceeded to get a little wasted. Actually a lot wasted.
  • I left before things got inappropriate and headed right to bed. I somehow think that the wine, red meat, and Grey Goose didn't agree with me...I got sick and had the worst hangover.

Saturday, April 10th:

  • Breakfast call was 7 AM - I was finally able to make it down around 7:30. Meeting was ok in the morning. I wasn't feeling to swell, but I put my big girl pants on and made it through.
  • My presentation was after lunch (which I was finally able to eat and felt 1000 times better). It went very well and I was so glad it was over.
  • After we closed down the meeting, we all headed to relax. Steph, Erin and I all cuddled in her bed and watched "The Ugly Truth". It was a good but predictable movie.
  • Went downstairs, called Rich(more info on dating blog) and got ready to go out for dinner. We wandered around and wound up going to California Pizza Kitchen. I have to say, I wasn't really that much of a fan.
  • After that we headed back to the hotel to meet everyone at the bar again, except this night I wasn't drinking heavily.
  • I made it up to bed by 11, slept until 3 AM and then was awake.

Sunday, October 11th:

  • Flight home early in the morning, very quiet and peaceful flight.
  • Got in earlier than expected and was able to have a great date night with my love :)