Friday, January 16, 2009

Dallas, TX: December 16-17th, 2008

Tuesday, December 16th:
  • Had a mid-afternoon flight from Philly to Dallas.
  • Traveled with one of my new hires. We did a lot of talking and learned a lot about each other.
  • Met up with our client for dinner at Keg Steakhouse. Ummm that was tough - I know it's Texas and everything, but I am sooooo not a fan of steak at all.
  • Got a yummy chicken dish and had a glass of white wine - really built a relationship with my client which was the goal.
  • Left dinner and headed back to the hotel to crash.

Wednesday, December 17th:

  • Woke up at 5 AM thinking it was 6. Did some online shopping for last minute christmas gifts.
  • Had to be on site at 7:30 for breakfast. Ugh that was damn early.
  • Had a very productive meeting. Should this drug be approved, it could effect lots of potential areas (its for diabetes and chronic kidney disease currently).
  • Had a 4 PM flight back. Got to the airport and it was delayed, rebooked on the 8PM flight. Tried to get on the 3, then they moved both flights up and we got on and got home about an hour earlier than originally scheduled. Still not sure how that happened.
  • Came home and crashed...

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