Monday, October 27, 2008

Hershey, PA: October 26, 2008

The family came in from Florida on Saturday morning and my "aunt" has been waiting 10 years to go to Hershey, being the chocoholic that she is. We got up and left around 10:30:
  • Arrived in Hershey and waited for an hour for the rest of the fam.
  • Went through the chocolate factory to see how the candy is made - they've done a lot with the area and its really cute.
  • Left there and went into the park. Lots of cute rides, lots of walking, rollercoasters, and QT with the family.
  • Nicholas is so adorable because he is starting to talk and wants to get into everything. He's such a doll and so much fun to be around!
  • We left the park after riding on the Kissing Tower around 7ish.
  • Stopped at Houlihans for dinner. Dinner was very tasty (Grilled Shrimp with greens, tomatos and beans), however the service sucked.
  • Left there and listened to the Phillies on the ride home. Soooo freakin awesome that they won!


Angel said...

I wonder if that's the case with all Houlihan's. Ours in the area has really good food but such crappy service too.

Kelli said...

ANGEL!!!!! Hello there stranger!

I'm wondering if its a trend, they hire miserable slow people lol!

AJ said...

Houlihan's. And, rumor has it they're desparate for a buyer.