Monday, September 8, 2008

Bronx, NY: Sept 6-7th

Saturday, September 7th:
  • Got up early and drove to NY. Best part about the drive was the gas for $3.22
  • Arrived around 11:30, picked up Silka.
  • Went to her mom's and read/watched TV for a while. Oh yea and played the pass out game :)
  • Got up and picked up Isis and Danielle. Headed to Riverdale Diner for lunch. Lots of girl talk.
  • Went to the Galleria in White Plains to shop. I think the only thing we bought was Dani got Cinnabon.
  • Oh Hanna. Headed back to Dani's and watched the Family Stone - such a cute movie!

Sunday, September 8th

  • Woke up and went for a 3 mile walk.
  • Came home, showered and got pretty!
  • Went to brunch at this awesome place! All you can drink Mimosa's, lots of delicious food! Soooooooo much fun. And of course we looked cute so its even better! Pictures to follow.
  • Came back to Momma Ruthie's, laid down for 20 minutes, then headed home.

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