Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ocean City, NJ: June 6-8th

Friday June 6th:

  • We left work around 5:30 and headed down the shore to OC, NJ. This is a weekend that Steph and I do with Megan and her family and friends for the last 3 years.
  • We get to the hotel and check in and then headed over to the little reception thing with Arthur's parents.
  • While sitting there Jim called us to see where we were because he was on his way down. We told him we were heading to Atlantic City with Arthur's parents to pick him up and we'd be back in a half hour.
  • On the ride back, Jim calls us about 2938 times to see what he should do about the extra parking pass. It was $20 for the whole weekend or scramble around and find parking for free. He was being a twat because Megan spoke with Steph earlier in the day and it was supposed to be like $3 for the pass or $10 and we should split it.
  • So we got to the hotel and I paid the parking and we got the pass, parked and what not.
  • The stellar parents that they are never packed JJ a diaper bag. This poor kid just sat in a car ride and what not without having his diaper changed. Greeeeeeeeeeat. So Jim being the P.O.S. that he is doesn't make a move to run to the store, so Steph, Joann(Arthurs mom), Arthur and I all pile into the van and go get diapers.
  • Come back and Steph gave JJ a bath and put him to bed.
  • I cracked open my bottle and started enjoying my night. I need to keep reminding myself that I have no tolerance any more. I feel one drink - it goes right to my head. So we were all sitting around drinking and talking. Fun times.
  • After that Megan arrives and she's pissed. She's pissed because people are drinking and she's not a big drinker. Last time I checked my ID told me I was of legal age, and her name wasn't on my birth certificate.
  • Sooooooo she gets pissy and Steph, Jim, Arthur and I leave to head for our hotel room. I was so bombed at this point that we were all laughing. Before we get into the room, Arthur grabs me and kisses me. I was so shocked I pulled away and started laughing
  • We get back to the room and Steph is already in bed. Jim lays on the other bed then gets up and hops into bed with Steph. I wasn't tired (thank you alcohol sugar bugs) so Arthur and I were gonna go for a walk. I told Jim he better be back in his own bed by the time I got back. Oh yeah, and this is because Megan was so pissed she stayed in her mom's hotel room.
  • Soooooo Arthur and I go for a walk where he's holding my hand the whole time. We were talking a lot. He's made it very clear that he wants a shot to date me and how he thinks that I am everything he's ever looked for in a girl and that he thinks us together would be perfect. I am very hesitant to get involved for a whole bunch of reasons, and I've explained this to him numerous times. I told him that I didn't want to kiss him because I didn't want to lead him on in thinking that I was kissing him because I wanted to, but because the alcohol took the best of my horomones and he was there. He said it didn't matter and kissed me. My mind was telling me to stop, but my lips wouldn't listen. I told him he should have been a bad kisser and it would have been easier. So we sat outside by the beach, making out like teenagers, talking about all kinds of stuff.
  • We get back to the room and Jim is passed out. Dead weight won't move, which forces Arthur and us to have to share a bed. I was so tired that I didn't care, but before I fell asleep, my mind told me "He's gonna think more of this and in the morning it won't be a good thing".

Saturday, June 7th:

  • We wake up and I feel arms wrapped around me. Immediately my defenses go up. I rolled over and Arthur was staring at me.
  • We all get outta bed and I had a little chat with Arthur that I know that he thinks last night was great, but it was drunken and I don't see it happening again. He looked like someone let the air out of his balloon, but I told him that why yes he was a great kisser, it was a drunken mistake and I let my guard down and I don't want him to think of it as an advance or me agreeing to date him.
  • At this time everyone was starting to get up back at his hotel, so he left. Steph and I went for a run, and Jim and Megan proceeded to start their battle.
  • We got back from our run and got showered and went up to the rides. While there, Megan was a complete asshole and told us to leave her alone so we did and hung out with Arthur and his friends and family.
  • We left the rides, grabbed a slice of pizza and headed back to the pool for some sun. It was nice. Arthur and I had another conversation about how he thinks it would be great being together, and how I don't agree. Another 1.5 hours later and we were still hanging out getting a tan and still talking.
  • We had my aunt Weez's 50th suprise party that night, so Steph and I got ready and headed to her party. We were there until 10:30 and Arthur texted me that Megan and Jim were making rude comments about me being his "girlfriend" and kept asking what was going on between me and him, even though we've all told them that we are just friends.
  • We get back to the hotel and go over to their rooms. There was a lot of tension and whatnot. I decided not to drink - mainly because I was so stuffed from dinner I don't think I could have fit another thing in my mouth, so we hung out for a while and headed back to our hotel. Arthur walked us and kept telling us how pissed he was at Megan and Jim which got me really fired up and pissed off too. Ugh I really wanted to explode on her.

Sunday, June 8th:

  • We got up early, showered and packed up.
  • We decided to follow Arthur and his parents back to AC to drop him off to take the bus back to DC and hit the outlets down there.
  • It was a good time, until we ran into Megan and Jim. Jim and Steph had words that morning because Jim and Megan are getting along everyone should be happy.
  • We got some cool stuff at the outlets and had a great day. Went to my aunts for dinner and relaxing by her pool. Cooked a ton of great food and had a great time just relaxing.

After that trip Arthur and I decided to keep it cool and keep talking/hanging out when we can, and if I ever decided I wanted to date or date him I'd let him know. Steph and I also decided to take a few steps back from being with Megan and Jim. Our lives are wayyyyyy to intertwined and while that is sometimes a great thing, it seems to hurt us because we're too much involved.

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Silka said...

You deserve a trophy. I just don't know how you can swallow things and not say anything. Thank god you had a good time with Arthur.