Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bronx, NY: June 11-15th

Friday June 13th:
  • Steph and I left work early and headed to pick up my cousin Katie. We got on the road and got into NY around 6:45.
  • We picked up Silka and headed to her mom's house, but no one was home, so it was off to Isis's to get ready. We decided that we were just going to stay there that night because it would have been easier, especially with us drinking.
  • We headed to the train and were on our way to Moe's Cantina. Get there and find out the name changed. Met up with the girls (Isis's friends) and hung out for a while, ate, drank and played beer pong. Sucky music so we headed to another place.
  • A fun cab ride, passing through the gayborhood, we wound up at a place that wouldn't let us in, so we split up and left.
  • We tried to go to Splash (the gay club) for my sister, but it was a sausagefest so we wandered arond Manhattan and got on the train.
  • We got home around 3 and chatted until 4.

Saturday, June 14th:

  • We got up at 7:30 because we needed to hit up Leo's for haircuts.
  • Steph, Silka and I headed out and got there before anyone else. Leo is amazing. I mean amazing. She's got Jedi mind tricks...she convinced me to chop my hair off again and I did and I love it! She did a great cut on Steph too - left her length but put more body and layers into it.
  • After Leo's we headed back and had Perista's for breakfast...we all took naps after that and woke up and watched dirty dancing. Great movie!
  • Then we ordered pizza from Emilios..mmmmmmm.
  • From there we kinda hung around and then went to get ready to go out. We kept it casual and went to the Thirsty Turtle in White Plains.
  • OMG .50 you call its and a DJ! We had suchhhhhh a great time and danced a lot!
  • We left early because Steph wanted chicken (random) so we headed back to Isis's. Got in and hung out and talked for a while, then we went to bed.

Sunday, June 16th:

  • We had to get up early because we were going to a Christening that was tough getting up.
  • Drove back to Philly and talked about how much fun we had that weekend and how we can't wait to do it again!

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Silka said...

Well MOST of us went to

Quote of the night: I can't wait to have some chicken !