Monday, July 6, 2009

Miami, FL, June 19-22nd, 2009

Friday June 19th:

  • Original plan was to trek it to NY on Thursday to spend the night and fly out with the girls, however I decided to get a ticket out of Philly...just to minimize the 3 hour travel times for 2 days.
  • Got up early and Rich took me to the airport on Friday morning, hopped on my plane and got there around 1. Sooooooooooo nice!
  • The girls(Silka, Isis, Dani, Myra, Luli) were already there and hanging out waiting for me to arrive.
  • Got to the hotel around 2, headed right to the table and ate some yummy food.
  • Checked in and our rooms were finally ready so we got changed, and headed to the pool. Hung out by the pool until around 6 PM when we wandered around to some stores and grabbed a quick dinner. Oh yeah, bought 2 pairs of shoes at Payless...whoops ;)
  • Headed back to the hotel, took a 2 hr nap, got up and got cute and headed out.
  • After wandering to 3 different places that had horrendous lines and too many covers, we headed to the Clevelander. AWESOME place! Its a hotel and then an outdoor bar/dance club at night! Such good music, good drinks, and great people.
  • We called it a night (well morning?) around 4:30 and headed back to the hotel.
  • The girls met up with some boys on the plane, so we woke them up and went down to the pool/hot tub where we decided to sit there and sing! Great times. Finally crawled into bed at 5:30.

Saturday, June 20th:

  • Woke up around 10 AM and decided that breakfast was what we needed.
  • Headed to breakfast at the Palace. Sooooooooo good.
  • We headed back to the pool and planted our behinds there to relax all day.
  • Dinner was going to be at a restaturant called Chocolate that night, but apparently it wasn't there any more, so we walked up and down Espanola Way until we found a great little place.
  • We had a great dinner looking all pretty and then headed back to the hotel to change shoes and head out for another night of insanity :)
  • Wet Willie's for Call-A-Cab and people watching. We saw a girl's buttcheeks, like the whole buttcheeks...
  • After there, we went to Mango's. AWESOME place. We went upstairs and were shuffled into a room that had great music! We stayed there, danced, drank, danced, danced, laughed and danced.
  • We decided to leave there around 3 or 4 (I can't remember) and headed back for sleep.

Sunday, June 21st:

  • This morning we actually made it up and awake by 10AM and were at the beach sitting on the chairs. So relaxing.
  • We stayed there pretty much all day, lounging in the pool and tanning.
  • We decided we were going to go to dinner with the boys that night and all of a sudden, downpour. Not a 30 minute downpour, but more like a 2 hour. That in our time means naptime!
  • Headed back to the room to catch a much needed nap.
  • Got up and got ready to meet the boys at 8.
  • Headed to Espanola Way when we determined that there was no one in the hotel restaurant, Emeril's didn't have a good selection. So we wound up right back at the little Cafe from the night before.
  • From there it was back to Wet Willie's, Mango's and the Clevelander.
  • Sleep came around 5 AM.

Monday, June 22nd:

  • Up early and on the beach by 9 for the last few moments of sunshine.
  • Headed to the airport at 11 AM and we all parted ways.
  • Arrived home around 4 PM to be picked up by my was so good to be away and relax and so good to come "home".

Pictures are on facebook!

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