Monday, May 26, 2008

San Antonio, TX: May 22nd-23rd

Thursday, May 22nd:
  • I had to work in the office before my 3:30 flight, so while there all I did was run around and try to get stuff ready. I packed it up and headed to the airport.
  • Took my first flight to Houston...was next to a really cute guy that flirted with me when we were in line and I flirted back. Did a wedding ring check and there was none.
  • Get on the plane and find out he's the middle seat next to me so we both start laughing. Sit down and wait for everyone else to board the plane. Someone comes who is supposed to have the window seat and she is afraid to fly so doesn't want the window. Ok so her and I switch, cute guy stays in the middle.
  • Well she proceeds to talk our ears off all during boarding. Once on a plane I'm usually unconcious before takeoff so I was annoyed.
  • So I start reading this large document and she starts asking us both questions (rude but I'll go with it to hear more about cute guy). Find out his name is Scott. From New Mexico. Who is married (and now has his ring on...), and his wife is pregnant. Niiiiiiiiice. I turn my head, prop up the pillow against the window and nod off.
  • I slept for about an hour then got up and started filling out this paperwork that I need for meeting with this guy for work. Its all that Meyers-Briggs crap. Fun times.
  • Flight is landing and she hasn't shut up the whole time, but I let it go and couldn't wait to get off the damn flight.
  • Flight lands, truck it to the other side of the airport for my next flight. Find out after I'm boarded and sitting down that I get bumped to first class. I heart Continental and their Elite Access crap...even if I don't understand it! Shame the flight was only an hour.
  • Got into San Antonio and took a taxi to the hotel. Taxi driver was very nice and entertaining.
  • Check into hotel and find out that I have a king suite with a whirlpool tub! Yeahhhhhhh mannnnnnnnn. I'm a spoiled traveler.
  • I put my bags down, change into my running shoes and hit up the gym.
  • Came back and took a nice relaxing whirlpool bath then slept in a bed that felt like marshmellows.

Friday, May 23rd:

  • I had a 9:30 meeting so I got up and got ready.
  • Had breakfast at the hotel and took a taxi to the site.
  • Site is awesome! They are so on top of everything they need to do and the training was smooth sailing.
  • Left there and went to lunch with the one lady that I was there with and she dropped me at the airport.
  • Had 2 flights home...uneventful but long.
  • Came home and crashed.

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